For more than Over 20 years, we have specialised in Guiding end-user corporates on how Technology is best utilised in their Business Processes. We have covered everything from servers, storage, networking, Telecom services to unified communications, software, security, mobility, regulations, etc. We have Guided both large and small corporations and public departments through generation changes to provide vendor shortlists, solution comparisons, product evaluations, solution roadmaps, guidance papers, peer studies, outsourcing guidance, etc. 

We initially developed a number of End-User Guidance Reports as a medium to deliver strategy, advice and actions to be considered by the end-user community. We generate these studies based on discussions, research and interviews conducted to produce insights, perceptions and achievement of goals. Many of our End-User guidance reports are also based around our "ADDAM" philosophy - Assess, Develop, Design, Assemble and Manage.

A couple of years after developing our end-user reports (in 2005) we introduced our 'Corporate Advisory Programmes (CAP)' as subscription-based services to provide more depth and coverage for the unique 'end-user persona'.  The impact of technology is enterprise-wide, across many core business functions and processes. Our clients want to ensure that technology provides 'return on investments'  and our understanding of the technology direction enables us to deliver guidance to clients, to ensure integration, best practices, extracting the most value, etc. We also recognise the importance of technology as a basis to manage customer experience by utilising emerging Digital Technologies. Additionally, we also recognise the need for training both on ICT but even more so on Business-IT related processes. 

Given the above, TekPlus created  CAP programmes that provide our corporate end-user clients with regular guidance notes, viewpoints, strategic direction papers,  technology implementation and solution deployment reports, slide presentations, vendor ratings, white papers and cheaper access to our pathways training courses. Our notes also provide the end-user community with strategic advice in technology investment decisions and highlight to clients when to invest, how best to invest and what path to follow long-term. TekPlus brings its long term expertise to advise corporations on how to optimise business processes, functions and eco-system relationships for the Digital Future. 

A few years after introducing our CAPs we introduced the Technology Intelligence Programmes (TIP). TIP provides our clients with regular product and technology analysis to utilise our action calls, judgement and technology guides. The service includes Reference Architectures, Definitions, Major Vendors Architecture evaluation, Segment Technology Directions, Tek-Analysis and Bulletins.

With the initial stages of coming of age of 'Digital Transformation' and the numerous 'Transformational Technologies' we decided to bring a number of our subscription programmes together to provide more focused 'Knowledge Portals'. The Portals are designed to provide the full range of Guidance that we believe our clients need on their finger-tips as they undertake their 'Digital & Transformational Journey'.  We currently have Knowledge Portals in;

1) Insurance 

2) HealthCare

3) Smart Cities

4) Digital Infrastructure